How do I pay for my purchase?

Debit or credit card
You may pay with a debit or credit card for all orders. AllCustomWear accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Diner’s Club cards. The charge will appear on your statement as “AllCustomWear”.

Allotment, Stipend, Uniform Allowance, Gift Credit
If you have a predetermined amount allotted to you from your company, in the form of allotment, stipend, uniform allowance, or gift credit, the amount will appear in the upper right corner of the page when you log into your account. This amount will be automatically applied to your order during check out. Any remaining amount will be available for future purchases. If your purchase exceeds the value of the allotted amount, you will be prompted to complete your purchase with a credit or debit card.

Payroll Deduct
If your company has allowed payroll deduct capability, your account will reflect a limit that you cannot exceed.  You can elect to pay for your order by payroll deduction by selecting that option on the payment screen during checkout.  Payroll deductions operate differently for each company, and actual paychecks are not managed by Allcustomwear, so if you have questions about your payroll deductions, please contact the payroll department for your company.

If you have both an allotment and payroll deduction capability, your allotment will always be automatically applied first, and then you can elect to pay for the balance of your order either with a credit or debit card or by payroll deduction.

Bulk or Special Orders
For bulk or special orders, your company procurement team may require that you use a PO number.  Please check the order and billing process with your local procurement team before making a bulk order. To set up a PO account, please contact the Sales Representative who is listed on your website. They will assist you with the process.